Permitted Carriers by DBA Name

Below is a listing of carriers that hold UTC permits and their permit status. Cancelled permits are not included. For more information, call 360-664-1222.

Note: Companies with multiple DBA values will show every time one of the DBA's matches the initial letter. So, for instance, you will see DBA's starting with C in the A section. This is currently unavoidable and does not reflect on the quality of the data.

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DBA Name   Permit Id   Status   Status Date
and Simple Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Awesome Movers Seattle   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Awesome Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Bellevue Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Best Moving and Delivery/Seattle's Best Moving   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Best Moving and Storage   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Bothell Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Brem-Air Disposal   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Brem-Air Disposal   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Customized Charters   CH000188   Active   09/15/2010
Customized Tours & Charter Service   CH000188   Active   09/15/2010
Customized Tours   CH000188   Active   09/15/2010
Downtown Airporter   C000975   Active   08/17/2007
EASTSIDE DISPOSAL   G000012   Active   10/17/2005
EMERALD CITY DISPOSAL   CC009183   Active   07/03/1995
EMERALD CITY DISPOSAL   G000012   Active   10/17/2005
Everett Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Federal Way Disposal   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Federal Way Disposal   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Federal Way Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Go Shuttle Express   C000975   Active   08/17/2007
Jordan River Moving and Storage   HG011884   Active   10/18/2004
Jordan River Moving & Storage   HG011884   Active   10/18/2004
Kent Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Limos by Shuttle Express   C000975   Active   08/17/2007
LYNNWOOD DISPOSAL   CC009183   Active   07/03/1995
LYNNWOOD DISPOSAL   G000012   Active   10/17/2005
Medina Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Mercer Island Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Mill Creek Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Moveable Moving Service   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Mt. Rainier Tours   ES000062   Active   03/15/2007
Mt. Rainier Tours   CH000389   Active   03/15/2007
Nick Raffo Garbage   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Nick Raffo Garbage   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
North Cascade Disposal   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
North Cascade Disposal   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
North Cascades Disposal   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Olson's Sanitation Service   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Olson's Sanitation Service   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Port-O-Let   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Port-O-Let   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
RABANCO COMPANIES   G000012   Active   10/17/2005
RABANCO CONNECTIONS   G000012   Active   10/17/2005
RABANCO RECYCLING   G000012   Active   10/17/2005
Recycle America   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Recycle America   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Redmond Movers   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
REPUBLIC SERVICES   G000012   Active   10/17/2005
Rural Skagit Sanitation   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Rural Skagit Sanitation   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
R.S.T. Disposal   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
R.S.T. Disposal   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
S-N-B TRUCKING   CC059315   Active   03/30/1999
S and R Logging and Cutting   CC064059   Active   02/21/2013
S O OSEGUERA   CC062075   Active   07/16/2009
S T A Trucking   CC065603   Active   10/15/2014
S & H Trucking   CC065465   Active   06/27/2014
S & J Trucking   CC059474   Active   03/20/2009
S & L JERLES TRUCKING   CC057737   Active   09/12/2004
S & M Transportation   CC041527   Active   07/15/2011
S & N TRUCKING   CC058297   Active   02/11/1997
S & S Enterprises   CC063282   Active   07/09/2008
S & S TRANSPORTATION SERVICES   CC059101   Active   10/02/1998
S & S Trucking   CC066006   Active   08/12/2015
S & S Trucking   CC064431   Active   10/04/2011
SACKETT EXCAVATING   CC059137   Active   11/18/2008
Safe-To-Go-Movers   THG066130   Active   10/07/2015
SAGITTARIUS TRUCKING   CC060305   Active   12/16/2008
Sai Couriers   CC065295   Active   06/11/2014
Salas Transport   CC064993   Active   07/17/2013
SAM'S TRUCKING   CC058195   Active   12/19/2004
SAMMAMISH VALLEY HAY   CC059403   Active   11/30/2009
SAMMONS TRUCKING   CC062189   Active   02/21/2006
SAMUEL GONZALEZ TRANSPORTS   CC058097   Active   07/09/1996
San Juan Cruises   BC065013   Active   07/22/2013
SAN JUAN EXPRESS   BC000117   Active   08/17/2007
Sanchez Trucking   CC064375   Active   09/01/2011
SANITARY SERVICE   CC033651   Active   06/29/1995
SAS Transport   CC064558   Active   03/01/2012
Savage Logistics   CC065058   Active   09/17/2013
Scarsella Cutting & Logging   CC065050   Active   08/21/2013
SCHERADELLA TRUCKING   CC058409   Active   03/28/2006
SCHOONOVER FARMS   CC033989   Active   05/30/1995
Scott's Services   CC063901   Active   05/03/2010
Scottco   CC060126   Active   09/18/2015
SEA-TAC DISPOSAL   G000012   Active   10/17/2005
SeaPort Moving & Storage   HG011884   Active   10/18/2004
Seatac Airport 24   C065615   Active   10/10/2014
SeaTac Direct   CH065791   Active   03/05/2015
Seattle 7 Days Limo   CH066145   Active   10/19/2015
SEATTLE BRANCH, AIR DIVISION   HG029483   Active   03/05/1999
Seattle Charters   CH000188   Active   09/15/2010
SEATTLE DISPOSAL   CC009183   Active   07/03/1995
SEATTLE DUCK TOURS   ES000146   Active   12/24/2015
Seattle Evergreen Transportation   CH064929   Active   05/22/2013
SEATTLE EXPRESS   CH000460   Active   05/08/2005
SEATTLE EXPRESS   C001052   Active   05/08/2005
Seattle May Travel   CH064755   Active   10/23/2012
Seattle Ocean Travel   CH066039   Active   08/05/2015
Seattle Party Bus Rentals   CH064010   Active   08/05/2010
Seattle Qwik Tour   CH064369   Active   08/16/2011
Seattle Rubbish Removal   CC063788   Active   02/10/2010
Seattle Select Moving   HG065229   Active   12/19/2013
Seattle Tours   ES000062   Active   03/15/2007
Seattle Tours   CH000389   Active   03/15/2007   CH064010   Active   08/05/2010   CC065226   Active   09/12/2014
Selvidge Trucking   CC061296   Active   01/15/2014
Seminole Bulk   CC064836   Active   02/27/2013
SERVICE HEAVY HAUL   CC027723   Active   06/19/1995
Sevy's Trucking   CC066231   Active   01/07/2016
Shamrock Trucking   CC064650   Active   07/12/2012
SHANE A. GOICOECHEA TRUCKING   CC060117   Active   04/03/2002
SHANTEE LOGISTICS   CC062944   Active   08/02/2007
SHAUGHNESSY   CC004675   Active   07/05/1995
Shawn W Cook Trucking   CC059640   Active   05/23/2014
SHERMAN BROS. HEAVY TRUCKING   CC000067   Active   01/15/2010
Shiloh Trucking   CC033653   Active   09/10/2015
SHOOTING STAR TRUCKING & CATTLE CO.   CC059380   Active   05/14/1999
Shoreline Trucking   CC030435   Active   02/25/2014
Show Me Seattle   CH063134   Active   01/24/2013
Showcase Farms   CC066250   Active   01/26/2016
Shutter Tours   CH064365   Active   07/17/2015
Shuttle Express   C000975   Active   08/17/2007
Sierra Pacific Industries   CC064503   Active   12/23/2011
Sight Connection   CC064478   Active   12/01/2011
Signature Delivery   CC065213   Active   03/19/2014
Silva Express   CC063014   Active   05/04/2009
SIMMONS & SON HAULING   CC042274   Active   04/24/1995
Simple Moving & Delivery   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
Simple Moving & Storage   HG063464   Active   03/18/2009
SIMPLOT TRANSPORTATION   CC057527   Active   06/12/1995
SIMPLY DELIVERY SERVICE   CC059186   Active   11/05/1998
Simpson Trucking   CC064783   Active   02/04/2013
SINCRAUGH TRUCKING   CC039849   Active   06/10/2013
Site Solutions Washington   CC065876   Active   05/07/2015
SJL Transport   CC063624   Active   08/19/2009
SKD Services   CC064865   Active   03/14/2013
Skull Trucking   CC064042   Active   10/24/2011
Skyway Courier   CC064617   Active   05/11/2012
SLB TRANSPORTATION   CC058393   Active   12/23/1996
SMITH-KEM   CC061363   Active   06/11/2004
Smooth Wire Livestock   CC065426   Active   05/23/2014
Snap Transit   CH066161   Active   10/30/2015
Sno-King Auto Detail   CC064664   Active   08/08/2012
Sno-King Moving Co.   HG064525   Active   01/26/2012
Snortn Boar Transport   CC064071   Active   12/07/2010
SNOWDEN EXCAVATING   CC059120   Active   08/07/2006
Solano Trucking   CC062817   Active   11/19/2009
SOUND DELIVERY SERVICE   HG005452   Active   07/05/2006
South Bound Express   CC065562   Active   09/03/2014
SOUTH COUNTY TREE TRUK'N   CC045869   Active   04/28/2006
SOUTH HILL TOWING   CC059843   Active   01/21/2011
SOUTH SEATTLE COLLISION CENTER   CC061482   Active   09/02/2004
SP Plus Transportation   CH000443   Active   12/26/2007
SPECIALIZED TRANSPORTATION   CC061596   Active   01/24/2005
Speedishuttle Seattle   C065854   Active   04/09/2015
Speedy Movers   HG061514   Active   12/03/2015
Spirit Wind Trucking, Gantz Enterprises   CC065212   Active   12/10/2013
SPOKANE FLORAL DELIVERY   CC014392   Active   06/29/1995
SPOKANE MOVERS   HG011890   Active   08/07/2006
SPRINT TRANSPORTATION   CC060165   Active   02/28/2001
Squeaky Wheels   CC065203   Active   03/27/2014
SSB Trucking & Construction   CC064515   Active   01/21/2014
STAFFORD LOGGING   CC059926   Active   08/16/2001
Stan Fye Trucking   CC058113   Active   07/13/2015
STANG'S EXCAVATION CO   CC063028   Active   10/02/2007
Stanley's Sanitary Service   G000086   Active   04/21/2003
Stanley's Sanitary Service   CC064978   Active   06/25/2013
STANTON LOGGING   CC061550   Active   04/14/2005
Stanwood Auto and Truck Repair   CC065715   Active   04/09/2015
Stanwood Camano Disposal   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Stanwood Camano Disposal   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Star Light NW   CC065736   Active   03/13/2015
STAR MOVING SYSTEMS   HG000278   Active   07/06/2012
Starbuck's Hauling   CC063280   Active   07/10/2008
Starline Luxury Coaches   C001078   Active   02/23/2004
Starline Luxury Coaches   CH000410   Active   02/10/2003
Starline Transportation   C001078   Active   02/23/2004
Starline Transportation   CH000410   Active   02/10/2003
STARLITE TRANSPORT   CC014465   Active   07/11/2004
Steeler Trucking   CC061931   Active   12/02/2014
STEPHEN E. OLDFIELD TRUCKING   CC062201   Active   10/21/2014
Stephens Transport   CC063782   Active   11/17/2009
STEVE'S MOVING COMPANY   HG006694   Active   02/25/1999
STEVE BAKER TRUCKING   CC040842   Active   06/21/2010
STEVE JACKSON LOGGING   CC042501   Active   12/31/2014
Steve Lyon   CC058185   Active   11/27/2012
STEVE MCCOMBS LIVESTOCK HAULING   CC016845   Active   05/30/1995
STEVE PURBAUGH TRUCKING   CC039124   Active   12/23/2005
STEVE WOOD TRUCKING   CC035692   Active   04/24/1995
STEVEN BLAND   CC043756   Active   05/19/1995
Steven Garza Trucking   CC065146   Active   10/09/2013
Steven Jacobs   CC064827   Active   02/19/2013
STEVEN R. MONTAMBO TRUCKING   CC057174   Active   04/24/1995
Stewart Hauling   CC065550   Active   08/25/2014
STEWART TRUCKING   CC020449   Active   03/11/2008
STICKLES TRUCKING   CC062880   Active   07/11/2007
STICKLES TRUCKING   CC040578   Active   06/26/2013
Stingley Ranch   CC063506   Active   02/26/2009
Stock Yards Seattle   CC051083   Active   04/08/2011
Stoddard Transfer   HG060566   Active   03/17/2006
STOKOSA TRUCKING   CC051763   Active   07/14/2005
Storage By Design   CC063495   Active   02/17/2009
Stredwick Farms   CC065024   Active   08/12/2013
Strnard Industries   CC065063   Active   08/26/2013
STROH'S AUTO TRANSPORT   CC059374   Active   04/28/2005
Struss Wood Products Yellow Brick Bark   CC065307   Active   03/19/2014
STV TRUCKING   CC058143   Active   03/24/2004
St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store   CC063751   Active   10/20/2009
Suave Motor Express   CC064239   Active   04/11/2011
Suddath Relocation Systems   HG064493   Active   12/19/2011
Suddath Relocation Systems   RB064502   Active   12/22/2011
SULPHUR CREEK SERVICES (SCS)   CC058418   Active   08/10/2007
SUN MOUNTAIN TRUCKING   CC058847   Active   08/22/2014
Sun Valley Express   CH065933   Active   06/12/2015
Sunnysdie Trucking   CC063816   Active   02/27/2014
SUNRIDGE TRANSPORTATION BROKERS   RB000213   Active   08/26/2010
Sunset Delivery   CC064100   Active   05/20/2014
SUNSHINE DISPOSAL & RECYCLING   CC062874   Active   07/12/2007
Sunshine Disposal & Recycling   CC062141   Active   01/06/2006
Sunshine Disposal & Recycling   G000260   Active   06/08/2004
Sunshine Disposal & Recycling   G000104   Active   12/22/2004
SUNSHINE DISPSOAL & RECYCLING   G000199   Active   04/02/2004
SUNSHINE MOVERS   HG011893   Active   03/19/2013
Sunwest Limousine   CH065231   Active   12/20/2013
Super Friends Moving   HG064056   Active   04/01/2011
Superior Auto Shine   CC064636   Active   07/12/2012
Sweet Pee Disposal   G000259   Active   07/30/2010
Swidecki Trucking and Excavation   CC066154   Active   10/23/2015
Syed International   CC064265   Active   04/28/2011
S.G.Weidner & Sons   CC064631   Active   07/03/2012
S.H.O. Delivery Services   CC063921   Active   06/18/2015
Tours Northwest   ES000062   Active   03/15/2007
Tours Northwest   CH000389   Active   03/15/2007
Tours of Seattle   CH000188   Active   09/15/2010   CH000188   Active   09/15/2010
TRI-COUNTY DISPOSAL   G000012   Active   10/17/2005
Tri-Star Disposal   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Tri-Star Disposal   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Valley Garbage   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Valley Garbage   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Washington Waste Hauling & Recycling   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Washington Waste Hauling & Recycling   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management-Northwest   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management-Northwest   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management-Rainier   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management-Rainier   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management-Sno-King   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management-Sno-King   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management - Marysville   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management - North Sound   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management - Northwest   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management - Rainier   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management - Sno-King   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management - South Sound   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management - South Sound   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management of Addy   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management Of Addy   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management of Ellensburg   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management Of Ellensburg   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management of Greater Wenatchee   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management Of Greater Wenatchee   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management of Kennewick   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management Of Kennewick   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management of Seattle   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management Of Seattle   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management of Skagit County   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management Of Skagit County   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management of Spokane   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management Of Spokane   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management of Yakima   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management Of Yakima   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Waste Management   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Waste Management   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Western Refuse   G000237   Active   12/27/2004
Western Refuse   CC055403   Active   03/22/2000
Wheatland Express   C001078   Active   02/23/2004   CC065226   Active   09/12/2014
WM Healthcare Solutions of Washington   G000237   Active   12/27/2004   CC065226   Active   09/12/2014